Roy’s Awakening

Roy Mason was barely a man. In stature he was a slightly above average specimen: lean, strong and just shy of six feet. In matters of character though, he was less mature. Whereas most people by twenty years of age have absorbed at least a little knowledge of the value of hard work and responsibility, to this Roy had remained impervious. This was not entirely intentional on his part. A natural charm exuded from Roy and affected most people he met. His magnetic, blue eyes, fittingly set amid blonde curls and a carefree smile, had worked all his life to somehow accentuate his virtues and blind people to his faults. So while Roy, deep down, was no better or worse than the average person, he had evolved into a kind of overgrown adolescent. He was self-absorbed, confident, irreverent, optimistic, unaware and happy. He was annoying.

Few things inspire change in a person better than a brutally honest revelation of one’s self. For some it might simply be discovering their favourite jeans can no longer stretch around their widening backside. For others it is waking up hungover, next to an assortment of empty booze bottles and a goodbye letter from their spouse. For Roy Mason it was a slightly underripe banana. The banana was like Roy—fine in appearance, but lacking maturity and softness on the inside. It promised much but was not ready to deliver. From its lofty position, balanced atop of the oranges in Roy’s fruit bowl, that banana stood as a glaring, yellow representation of who Roy really was. Day and night, and then for another day, that banana cried out to him (as loudly as a banana can cry out), urging him to change his ways; but Roy, like most people, never looked to his fruit bowl for advice.

Hector Bunsen-Chang was Roy’s archenemy. He devoted his life to upstaging Roy and ruining his fun; at least that’s what Roy believed. Actually, Hector had no idea he was Roy’s enemy. What he did have was a stoic, almost cynical view of the world; it was an outlook he adopted as a young boy, about the same time he realised his name was Hector Bunsen-Chang. It made him immune to Roy’s charm and disinterested in his antics. This, from Roy’s ego-skewed perspective, was indistinguishable from outright hatred. Unbeknownst to Roy, the banana and Hector, their actions over the next twenty-four hours would determine the fate of humanity.



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