On the Balcony

Warm sun, cool breeze,

Blue sky, green trees.

White blooms, tall grass,

Lone cloud, sails past.

Birds sing, kids play,

Carefree, all day.

Sun dips, peach sky,

Fruit bats, flap by.

Deep breath, closed eyes,

Let time, pass by.

Find peace, at rest,

Weight lifts, from chest.

Light fades, sundown,

Stars out, all round.

Soft glow, moonlight,

Wind blows, cold night.

Rug up, hold on,

Soon now, not long.

Headlights, draw near,

Red car, she’s here.

Pulls up, gets out,

Walks by, my house.

I wave, she smiles,

My day, worthwhile.



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