Same Old

A memory lost, for a second recalled,

As I gazed at the man in the glass on the wall,

I saw in that moment the face of a boy,

His eyes full of wonder, his smile full of joy.


The glimpse was snatched, at once replaced,

With disappointment at my haggard face,

Drawn with the same old anxious lines,

And bitter shadows that mark my time.


I saw a man tamed and tired and burned,

The life once there had now been unlearned,

What little remained was ground to dust,

Desire was lost—he lived ’cause he must.


Striving for pleasure amongst all the pain,

Shocked by the effort it takes to stay sane,

Constantly paying to take one more breath,

He tries to stave off the allure of death.


If this is my lot, only chasing a wage,

Then what is this life but a big, sunny cage?

Of old a man said (and far wiser than me),

That all on the earth is but vanity.


But onward I go, and another day done,

Knowing there’s nothing new under the sun,

The same old burden, the same old beast,

Yet something within in me will not let me cease.


I can only hope this time it’s fast,

For hope to return and the darkness to pass,

Give me some light and I’ll walk one more mile,

Believing this whole tragic show is worthwhile.


And I know that it is for I’ve seen too much,

I just hope the strength I have left is enough,

I’ll see better days—yes I know it for sure,

How good it would be to see them some more.



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