The Enlightened Age

Selfish hearts,

With spiteful words,

Declaring themselves the lights of the world.


In the name of love,

The vilest rage,

Welcoming in the enlightened age.


Sitting as gods,

The makers of truth,

Moulding their image on innocent youth.


Dissent is sin,

Submission divine,

The only safe place is to fall into line.


Resistance to truth,

Is burned in shame,

But a week from now the truth will have changed.


United in thought,

All else is filth,

For the good of the tribe the rest must be killed.


What is the reason?

You don’t need to know,

Just join in the outrage and go with the flow.


Is there effect?

What does it achieve,

But make enough noise to help them sleep?


And years from now,

What will be said?

Laughter and wonder and shaking of heads?


Or worse than that,

A horrified gaze,

Looking back on the enlightened age.



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