Sinking in the farthest reach of night,

There, in a moment out of time,

I slip away as my body sleeps,

Lost in my mind.


Entering a realm beneath what’s known,

Things familiar grow untamed,

Faces gone return to view,

Not quite the same.


Slipping from gravity’s weakened grasp,

Horizons melt into the sky,

Reason twisting inside out,

Right before my eyes.


Awakening beasts, the scent of fear,

Sets them loose in open streets,

Terrors living for the chase,

I can’t move my feet.


Walking paths of wildest desire,

Courage I would not expect,

Mighty triumphs short lived,

Soon I will forget.


Floating on weightless waves of bliss,

Formed from glimpses of the past,

Closest friends who don’t exist,

Their love cannot last.


Arriving too soon at the journey’s end,

Back on solid ground so dear,

I weigh the loss of things unreal,

Once seen so clear.



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