In his smile I see a love,

I didn’t have to earn,

Never given at a price,

But rejoicing in return.


In her laugh I’m lifted up,

Above my troubled view,

She walks along a path carefree,

And I should walk there too.


In his eyes I’m Superman,

He thinks I do it all,

With him looking up to me,

I’m less inclined to fall.


In her tears my heart is wrecked,

I’d gladly take her pain,

To be there for her on those days,

Is a treasure I won’t trade.


In his squeal I hear a joy,

Unspoiled by fear and task,

Independent of the crowd,

He’s yet to learn a mask.


In her songs a passion glows,

Alight from what she loves,

Not for praise or prize she sings,

But just because it’s fun.


Those little feet become belief,

Personified in him,

Seeing adventure everywhere,

And running like the wind.


When she tells me secrets I,

Am thankful for the sign,

That she knows that I am hers,

I’m grateful she is mine.


In their hugs, their whispered words,

And playful punches too,

I’m reminded of my wealth,

They’re saying, “I love you.”



3 thoughts on “Children

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  1. Very nice and easy to follow your thoughts when you wrote it. I’ve noticed we have an eerily similar style. Ha… I think you’d like my poem titled, Push Me Higher… Keep it up… I enjoy following your works!


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