The Noisy Voice

Fortunate voice to an audience held,

Captive by a box of luminous spells,

Around the image their evening dwells,

An open door on the slopes of hell.


Authority’s voice assumed and accepted,

All thought and search have long been neglected,

The infallible ones cannot be corrected,

Let your reason remain unaffected.


Emotional voice of passion and pride,

Compelling the masses to join the right side,

Where truth is weighed by the tears that are cried,

How will you swim against the sweeping tide?


Fanatical voice now loaded and aimed,

Making sure everyone knows who to blame,

Who needs an answer when you can complain?

Assent is an easier truth than change.


Tyrannical voice grows threatening now,

It’s live and let live so long as you bow,

The greatest crime is to not join the crowd,

You can lose when you’re right, but not when you’re loud.



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