Could you stay alone when the crowd departs?

Can you hold your ground when the trouble starts?

Will you keep the faith in the dead of night?

Would you play the villain to do what’s right?


When the road is long will you forge ahead?

In the face of defeat will you keep your head?

When the offer comes to sell your soul,

Will you take the cash or keep your goal?


Could you give yourself for another’s need?

Can you walk away from planted seeds?

Is there any treasure that holds your heart,

More than staying upon the path?


When you’re caught off guard by a heavy blow—

It may come from a friend as much as a foe—

To get back up is one thing, but then,

Could you, without fear or grudge, walk again?


When no one praises and no one cheers,

And there’s been no assuring voice in years,

Will you follow the word that spoke at first?

Would you continue for better or worse?


Do you believe you are on the right road?

In an unexplainable way you will know.

Then think of the goal and lift up your head,

Keep running the race and endure to the end.



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