Limericks Volume 2

A ferryman on the Zambezi,

Was reputedly very sleazy,

For a mile he’d be known,

By his odious cologne,

It made avoiding him thankfully easy.


A taxidermist from Vienna,

Skewered prawns on her T.V. antenna,

It was part of a trap,

Which caught her the cat,

That’s a doorstop now in her cellar.


An avid collector of guns,

Said, “Firearms rule number one:

Don’t keep your Glock in,

Your jeans back pocket—

You’ll shoot yourself in the bum.”


A devoted student of Plato,

Devoured what appeared a potato,

Then said, “I just ate,

A mere shadow in a cave,

I now see that was a lump of play dough.”


A part-time doctor from Ghana,

Prescribed all his patients bananas,

On a related topic,

He made quite a profit,

From his side business as a fruit farmer.



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