Poem: The Elf Who Saved Christmas (Part 2)

Binkle the elf and his crew took the sleigh,

In a flash they were off, they were up and away.

They travelled like lightning on two reindeer’s power,

And hit eight armoured trucks in twenty-four hours.


They swooped in on a large-scale drug deal uninvited,

But with Rudolph’s red nose they were easily sighted.

As they loaded the cash the sleigh shook with a bang,

They were taking heavy fire from a Mexican gang.


Binkle yelled, “Get this sleigh up in the sky!

But wait! Where are Trixie and Piggledy-Pie?”

Those two poor elves had got themselves stuck,

They were far from the sleigh and were like sitting ducks.


The screams and the shots—it was all so confusing,

Then Binkle took charge and loaded his uzi.

And he didn’t shoot blindly—he took out five men,

Then reloaded his weapon and fired again.

He showered the gang with bullets like rain,

While the last two elves made a dash for the sleigh.


Trixie the elf jumped and ran like the wind,

But a bullet hit Piggledy-Pie in the shin.

Then Rudolph was grazed by a shot, near his eye,

And cried, “Let’s go now if we want to survive!”


So Binkle, the elves and the cash-laden sleigh,

By the skin of their teeth made a quick getaway.

And they all, with painful regret, left behind,

Their wounded elf comrade, Piggledy-Pie.


And that gang, after suffering such bloody loss,

Charged Piggledy-Pie with their vengeance’s cost.

They took the poor elf and gouged out his eyes,

Then hacked off his limbs and left him to die.


Well the elves were distraught at the loss of their friend,

But they determined to see the job through to the end.

They needed to make just a couple more stops,

To repay the debts and save Santa’s workshop.


The next port of call was the Waverly residence,

The family home of the North Pole Bank President.

The sleigh, much thanks to the reindeer’s skill,

Touched down on the roof, softly and still.

Binkle slid down the roof like droplet of water,

And through the bedroom window of the Waverly’s daughter.


There she lay, still awake in her bed,

And Binkle skipped over, and smiled, then said,

“Hello dear child, let me introduce myself,

I come from Santa’s workshop, I am Binkle the elf.

And I know your name’s Lily, for I’ve seen Santa’s list,

And I wonder this year, what is your Christmas wish?”


The girl sat up with a smile and replied,

“I’d like a toy doll, with a dress like a bride.”

Binkle said, “Lily, what an excellent wish,

I will tell it to Santa in exchange for a gift.

Just one lock of your hair, like a ringlet of gold,

And I’m the happiest elf in the entire North Pole.”

The little girl, being flattered, obliged,

Gave a lock of her hair and bid Binkle goodbye.


The elves then at once set off for the bank,

And let themselves in down a chimney in the back.

Binkle said, “Lads, get some sleep while we wait,

Mr Waverly will be here at half past eight.”



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