Drum and the Pirates (Part 1)

The 2020 Grammy Awards were all about Neon Cyborg. The band took out nineteen awards, including the coveted “Album of the Year”. As per entertainment industry standards, the awards show was followed by an extravagant after-party. Normally this would require attendees to take a short limo ride from the awards venue to an exclusive nightclub, but this year things were different. For the first time ever, the Grammys were held in Djibouti. The after-party was scheduled to take place in Mombasa six days later.

Immediately after the awards show, while the music world’s most talented figures—or at least its most recognisable ones—boarded their private jets, the members of Neon Cyborg took a taxi to the nearest port. After their evening’s success, “Drum” Drummond, Cam, Daz, Andy and Miles felt that five hours in a cramped aircraft would dampen their celebrations, so instead they decided to hitch a ride on a cargo ship and let their hair down on the high seas.

The next day, Captain Burridge gave the band a tour of his ship, concluding with tea and pikelets on the bridge.

“She’s a fine boat you have here, Captain,” said Drum.

“Yes indeed,” said Burridge.

“And it’s mighty nice of you to give us a ride to Kenya,” said Cam. “I just wish there was some way we could repay you.”

“Well, now that you mention it,” said Burridge, “there is something you could do—if it’s not too much trouble, that is.”

“Just name it,” said Andy.

“Well, it would mean so much to me if you would play a song, right here on the boat.”

“What a swell idea,” said Daz. “Only… we didn’t bring our instruments.”

“Not to worry,” said Burridge. “I always travel with a full rock concert rig—guitars, amplifiers, drum kit, microphones, P.A. system, lights, smoke machine, and a grand piano. About four tonnes of gear in all. I keep it in the engine room.”

“Great,” said Drum. “I’ll go get it.”

He left the bridge and went downstairs.


“While he’s collecting the gear,” said Burridge, “why don’t the rest of you enjoy the view?”

“It sure is lovely,” said Miles.

“And so blue,” said Andy.

“Oh yes,” said Burridge, admiring the ocean. “Of all the beautiful blue waters I’ve travelled, the bluest of all would have to be right here off the coast of Somalia.”

“Hmm, that’s interesting,” said Daz.

“What’s that?” asked Cam.

“Look over there. There appears to be two small boats approaching.”

Burridge rushed over to where Daz and Cam were gazing out the window. Peering through his binoculars, the captain confirmed the sighting. He pressed a red button on the control desk; a siren blared.

“Something wrong, Captain?” asked Andy.

“I’m afraid so, fellas. Those are pirate boats. We’re under attack.”



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