Poem: Grandad

My grandad had a hacksaw with teeth just like a shark,

I put it in my backpack when we visited the park.

I threw it in the pond but the hacksaw didn’t swim,

It had teeth like a shark but it didn’t have the fins.


My grandad had false teeth as straight as piano keys,

I hid them in the freezer before he went overseas.

I hit them with a hammer, the smash was blunt and loud,

They looked, to me, like piano keys but they made a different sound.


My grandad had a goldfish as orange as the fruit,

I took it for a walk outside in some water in a boot.

I put it in the blender but it wasn’t any use,

I couldn’t match the orange flavour making goldfish juice.


My grandad had a Corvette that flew just like the breeze,

I opened up the petrol cap and clogged the tank with leaves.

I feared I’d finally crossed the line, I thought, This time I’m dead,

But Grandad bought me a remote control car and said, “Break this one instead.”



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