Poem: Sacrifice

Taxes go up, it’s only fair,

We’ve all got to chip in and pay our share,

But, you can see, I’ve a lot on my plate,

So my taxes will stay at a lower rate.


We hired too many of one colour of people,

And since our priority is making things equal,

You must understand if you’re asked to retire,

I’ll keep my job, obviously, I’m too important to fire.


Turn off your T.V., don’t travel by air,

The planet is dying, we don’t even care,

If we all change our ways we may save it yet,

But trust me, I need to keep my private jet.


If it feels like I’m telling you what to do,

Remember it’s my duty, since I’m better than you,

A little thanks would be nice, but I don’t hear a word,

I guess everyone’s for sacrifice until it’s their turn.



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