And There Was Ninja Moustache (Chapter 9)

    Inter-realm violence (IRV) is a form of physical attack using supernatural means. Essentially it involves an attacker delivering a weapon of spiritual origin through a portal to a selected victim. The technique, though difficult and rarely practiced, is highly accurate, and almost untraceable.

    Earth is a rare (perhaps the sole) point of overlapping realms. The physical and the spiritual cohabit our planet, though the intermingling of the two populations is limited, and seldom recognised (at least by humans). As earth has a dominant physical life form (human beings), so too does it have a dominant spiritual life form (angels and demons). Earth’s physical lower life forms (animals and plants) also have spiritual counterparts (current knowledge is insufficient to classify or accurately describe these). Many accounts of miracles, apparitions and mysterious phenomena are simply angelic and demonic visitations into the physical realm. Likewise, many strange, unexplained events—derailed trains and vanished ships, for example—are caused by immense spiritual “animals” straying unseen into the physical realm. It is this kind of access between realms that makes IRV possible.

    IRV requires a mediator—someone highly attuned to the supernatural realm, and able to acquire spiritual materials. These materials often appear similar to physical materials like metal, timber or bone, but have enhanced properties, which make them useful in the construction of weapons. The most common IRV weapons are sharpened implements like knives or spears, and heavy, blunt objects like clubs or cannonballs. The mediator will open a portal between realms, locate the target, and then launch the weapon, which leaves physical realm, passes through the spiritual, and then returns to the physical at the target site (which may even be thousands of kilometres away). The mediator’s task is comparable to a modern-day soldier entering coordinates for the firing of a missile. A direct hit from a spiritual projectile is fatal to any physical creature, and as yet there is no known defence against it, although evidence suggests there is some degree of forewarning for the victim, moments before an attack, in the form of itching knees.

    With few practicing mediators (most are driven to either insanity or an early death), and the price of spiritual weaponry running into the hundreds of millions of dollars (a hundred grams of the hard, shining substance known as dragonscale is worth around thirty million), IRV attacks are rare, and usually reserved for assassinations.

    IRV is considered by many to be simply sorcery, or sophisticated voodoo, and so it has been widely disregarded as a legitimate method of force. Those who have experienced it, however, will attest to its effectiveness.

Brody, N. L. 2006. Nigel Brody’s Encyclopaedia of Supernatural Phenomena (pp. 74-75). Self-published, Pangai, Tonga. Printed here with permission, which I obtained in exchange for mentioning the author’s business during the climax of this story.


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