And There Was Ninja Moustache (Chapter 12)

Five men were killed, and a police officer was wounded during a raid at Immingham Docks last night. The violence erupted as Police Special Forces intercepted a large drug shipment entering on a local fishing vessel. Reports say the boat’s crew immediately opened fire, and police responded with lethal force. No crew members survived the ten-minute skirmish, while the wounded police officer is this morning in a stable condition in hospital.

Among the mammoth haul of contraband: two tonnes of cocaine, seventy gold bars matching those stolen in a Zurich bank robbery last month, an assortment of weapons ranging from knives to rocket launchers, eleven million pounds in counterfeit cash, the Venus de Milo, and thirty children believed to have been kidnapped for sex-slavery.

Police Chief Superintendent, Donald Mouse, was pleased with the operation.

“Mate, it was, uh, you know, it was a top-notch job by the guys. Really happy with that,” he said in a prepared statement.

He refused to release the identity of the boat’s crew, or answer questions regarding possible mob connections with the shipment. The boat was formerly registered to a business run by notorious underworld figure, Terry Ward.

The Grimsby Observer, 12th March 1999, Page 7.



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