And There Was Ninja Moustache (Chapter 30)

    A major arrest took place in Brisbane, Australia, yesterday, with police special forces storming an apparent hideout of London crime kingpin, Jimmy “Biscuits” O’Shea. O’Shea was taken into custody along with gang member, Edward Ping. Police seized over a million dollars in cash, and a massive stockpile of weapons, including knives, automatic rifles, rocket launchers and a small military-grade offensive laser.

    The arrest was made after state law enforcement received a phone call from a person claiming to know O’Shea’s whereabouts. The anonymous tip-off also directed police to evidence held by the Greater Manchester Police, which turned out, upon closer inspection, to connect O’Shea to crimes of money laundering, robbery and arson from several years ago. While O’Shea is suspected of far more serious crimes, these are the first accusations with solid proof.

    O’Shea is to be extradited to Britain in the coming days to face court. If convicted, he could be behind bars for upward of twenty years.

    In a press conference yesterday evening, Queensland Police Service Commissioner, Wendy Starch, expressed her satisfaction with the arrest, commending the officers involved and thanking the Manchester Police for their cooperation. Starch said police were unaware as to the identity of the mystery informer.

    —The Intruder, 12th January 2006, page 16.


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