And There Was Ninja Moustache (Chapter 41)

Bunkbed Ricky 6 years ago- Kenny4sale I think you’re right.

Earlybirdworm 6 years ago- Dean Schmidt stick to fake moon landing theories, they are more believable than robot soldiers walking around London.

MonkeyManFan 6 years ago- I wish I had a robot arm

Ed Beard Boy 6 years ago- Check the air filter, it might be clogged with dirt. You can clean the dirt out with a butter knife.

Dean Schmidt 6 years ago- It is a bionic arm. More advanced and lifelike technology than the ones in the news story. The military was looking into this kind of artificial limb to weaponise them.

Sanjay is Best 6 years ago- remember when Robocop shot that dude in the dick

Earlybirdworm 6 years ago- Hate to ruin your fun, Dean, but the guy in the blue shirt has 2 natural, flesh and blood arms. Robotic arms are generally noticeable because THEY LOOK LIKE ROBOT ARMS. For example, every other artificial arm in the news story

Shawn Turrey 6 years ago- My lawnmower is burning through fuel way too quick. I can’t see any leaks. How can fix it?

Solly Wheaton 6 years ago- Can they feel things with the arm? Like if they touched a hotplate would it feel hot?

Dean Schmidt 6 years ago- 1:52 the guy in the blue shirt and sunglasses, his right arm is bionic. I used to work on bionic limbs, and I can tell one when I see it.

Phil real deal 6 years ago- While I understand the impact losing a limb must have on a person’s life, we should be wary of relying on robotics. The dangers may be limited with a robotic arm, but if this becomes the norm, then we as a society open the door to greater influence from robots, computers and artificial intelligence, meanwhile sacrificing…

Sandy Sandman 6 years ago- *Who’s

Shirley Stamp 6 years ago- Whose Michael Corleone?

Earlybirdworm 6 years ago- The 1:52 background guy is not a patient, he has 2 arms

Ethan Groucher 6 years ago- Secret Princess Diva, did you even watch the video? It was literally about helping returned soldiers.

Not that Paul McCartney 6 years ago- Jimmy o’shea is basically the michael corleone of london

Wendy S Mackey 6 years ago- It is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire. Matthew 18:8

King of Awesome 6 years ago- The weather girl on channel 5 is hotter

BossBarry1955 6 years ago- I don’t like channel 4 news. I watch BBC. They didn’t show this story.

Benny and the Gents 6 years ago- This was on TV last night. Channel 4 news.

Dan the man 22 6 years ago- *Who’s

Shirley Stamp 6 years ago- Whose Jimmy O’Shea?

BossBarry1955 6 years ago- I watched the news last night and I didn’t see this story.

SnazzyMike 87 6 years ago- That reporter is hot

Dean Schmidt 6 years ago- The guy in the background at 1:52, blue shirt and sunglasses, has an experimental bionic arm, the kind that the military was trying to develop.

Secret Princess Diva 6 years ago- They should be helping soldiers who lost arms in war.

Benny and the Gents 6 years ago- It was on channel 4 news last night.

BossBarry1955 6 years ago- Where did you find this video?

Corn Dog Colin 6 years ago- It won’t be long before they make a terminator.

Jenny Woodford 6 years ago- This is amazing. Like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Kenny4sale 6 years ago- Did anyone else notice the guy in the blue shirt and sunglasses is Jimmy O’Shea?

    —Part of the comments section below an internet video, a news piece about amputees receiving prosthetic arms. The video was posted 20th May 2014.


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