Painting: Double Portrait

Duality of man, the struggle within,

Every one of us an Abel, every one a Cain,

I am Jekyll, I am Hyde.

The capable adult, the out-of-his-depth child,

Strong as a mountain, I endure,

Fragile as cracked porcelain, I am one ‘payment declined’ away from tears.

The man of conformity, respectable slave,

The lunatic at his shoulder, ceaselessly whispering,

“What if?”

I gaze, bright-eyed and iron-jawed, to a miserable horizon,

I wear my suit and discuss third quarter projections,

I watch myself stunned.

Is this all? Only pleasing, appeasing? And for what?

Good grief, man! Strip off that mask, it never fit you!

Strip to your underpants and run into the ocean,

Shock the system, breathe some salty air, catch a wave.

Poke a jellyfish with a stick.

For the love of God, do something,

It might be fun.

18″ x 24″ Acrylic on canvas


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