Dunk Force Returns (Part 5)

    The next morning, Ray phoned Larry to tell him he would like to see the new Dunk Force squad. It seemed Larry had expected the call. Twenty-six minutes later a black sedan pulled up in front of Ray’s house. Ray got in, and the car took him to a large property outside town, where... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 4)

    Ray came home past midnight. He tread softly upstairs and checked on his wife, Grace. She was in bed, snoring softly. Ray went back downstairs and opened the refrigerator. On the top shelf was a plate of overcooked chicken and potatoes. He took a beer instead. Opening the door to the basement, he stood... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 3)

 The bartender walked over and reached for the bourbon bottle, but Ray declined with a wave of his hand.  “I’ll take a top-up,” said Larry. The bartender poured. “I didn’t come here for advice on the Russians,” he said to Ray. “I came here because we found another option.” Ray looked at him. Larry gave... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 2)

A hand rested upon Ray’s shoulder, and a friendly voice said to the bartender, “Can I get another drink for my friend here? And I’ll have the same.” Ray turned and looked at the man beside him. “Hello Ray,” said the man, taking the stool next to him.  Ray nodded with an unconvincing smile. “Larry.”... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 1)

    “Another bourbon, Sandy,” said the man seated at the bar. He gazed down at the half-melted ice cubes swirling, as his chubby fingers turned his empty glass one way then the other on the dark, stained timber.  The bartender tipped the bottle, and a generous splash of golden-brown liquid set the ice afloat once... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Left Behind

    Clouds of orange dust swirled as high as skyscrapers, blotting from view everything but the glowing blue circles of the giant thrusters. The ground trembled underfoot as every remaining eye turned skyward, where immense silhouettes peeled back to reveal bright, hazy daylight. The silhouettes shrank into the distance, and the whirring and whooshing that... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Connor’s Crush

    As a child, Connor Dooley dreamed of becoming an Olympic Athlete. Simeon Toribio, to be exact. Why Simeon Toribio? Connor never said. He just spent his days in the backyard trying to jump over his mother’s tomato plants.     Physically, Connor never had much chance of convincing anyone he was Simeon Toribio. Simeon Toribio... Continue Reading →

Where the Sheep Went (The Final Part)

    Shem turned and trotted along the base of the north hill until in the distance to his left a large shadowy form emerged above them. “That’s the farmhouse! We have to go back that way.”  The famer’s voice yelled above the whooshing of the rain. It was a frightening yell. Shem waited. “Well,” he... Continue Reading →

Where the Sheep Went (Part 8)

 The engine growled and a small truck came speeding around the corner. Shem jumped back from the edge of the road. Candace spun around and stood frozen and silent as the vehicle charged. It slowed down with a mechanical squeak and a shudder until it rolled gently forward. A man stuck his head out a... Continue Reading →

Where the Sheep Went (Part 7)

 “I don’t think we can break through this fence,” said Shem.  A guttural bleat blared behind them, with the frantic thunder of little hooves. Delilah raced across the grass, straight toward them.  “Look out!” cried Candace, and she and Shem jumped aside.  Delilah charged between them at full speed and rammed face-first into the gate.... Continue Reading →

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