Poem: The Hedgehog of Truth

On a still and chilly afternoon, Through the shady columns of a secret grove, Pressing footprints in softest grass, A man walked quietly and alone.   He passed beneath a towering willow, That had stood there for a hundred years, The leaves upon its mighty beams, Hung like emerald chandeliers.   And there beside the... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Exquisite Butterfly

Butterfly, butterfly, Pleasing to the soul, As much as to the eye.   The butterfly descends in swirls, Like a wounded paratrooper in the sky, Half-conscious with a shattered collarbone, Life slowly evaporating through the bullet wound, Without the strength to control his chute.   The butterfly alights, bending a small leaf,  Like a benign... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Crow

Rark.   Good-morrow to thee, fine crow, Ebony rooster declaring the dawn, Thy friendly voice I’d gladly know, But alas, I must sleep, it is barely morn.   Rark. Raaark.   Avian friend by my bedroom close, Persistent in thy tales of flight, Perhaps it is early to be so verbose, I had to work... Continue Reading →


I had a fish, I called him Rolly, What his real name was, He never told me.   He sat on my lap, While I sang him songs, Then I’d throw him back in the water, Where he belonged.   He was blue and grey, With a yellow stripe, Kind of like Batman— The Adam... Continue Reading →

Blind Fire

The fire of youth, enraged and wild, The first steps out from the shaded child, Into the waiting jaws of men, That dying dreams may live again.   Minds are cradled, knives are drawn, Cutting a path for the blazing dawn, Journeys begun without a choice, Following after their master’s voice.   Shaped and formed,... Continue Reading →


In his smile I see a love, I didn’t have to earn, Never given at a price, But rejoicing in return.   In her laugh I’m lifted up, Above my troubled view, She walks along a path carefree, And I should walk there too.   In his eyes I’m Superman, He thinks I do it... Continue Reading →

The Endless Marsh

Within a dark and endless marsh, A thousand knights were damned to march, Knee deep in festering mud, The price for spilling innocent blood.   Once an army, now divided, Each for his own glory minded, Broken ranks now strewn apart, And none can see the original path.   An armour suit each knight must... Continue Reading →

Ode to a Pastrami Sandwich

Inventive twist on old roast beef, I set you now between my teeth. Sliced thick and pepper crusted, Wholemeal bread with a little mustard. And why not add a slice of cheese? Don’t mind if I do, make it Swiss please. They know their cheese, those Swiss folk, They make it so smooth and holey... Continue Reading →

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