The Curse of Gary (Part 108)

Victor crawled out from behind the curtains and took the candlestick back over to the table, where he took a minute to catch his breath. He walked to the spot along the wall he figured the door was, and lifted the curtain from the bottom, stepping back and raising it until he could see the... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 107)

On his hands and knees, Victor reached out and felt along the break in the skirting board where the purple light shone. The cold air wafted through a narrow gap and brushed his fingers. He ran his hand up the wall above the light and soon found a small, rickety door knob; he turned it,... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 106)

In the bedroom, Victor lifted the mattress from the bed and dragged it to the corner of the room. He then flipped the bedframe up and threw it on top of the mattress. "I'm not sleeping here another night," he said. He crouched by the hand-drawn map on the floor and ran his fingers across... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 105)

Gary laughed, and tears streamed down his face. “I could go home... I could go home!” He paused, and a wondrous look alighted upon him. “I could see my mum.” “That’s right, Gary,” said Victor. “Now tell me what you know about these other rooms—the ones that are still cursed. If I can clear all... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 104)

"I thought this was your home,” said Victor. Gary looked at Victor with a splash of anger in his eyes. He wiped his nose on the back of his hand, then wiped the back of his hand on his pants. “This isn’t my home,” he said. “I once lived here, but...” His look softened and... Continue Reading →

A Slow March (The Final Part)

The sky is blue today. Leafy trees, just taller than myself, line the path. Eight months of the year they are bare, arching over like claws. Now they are lush and green. One month a year they flower. Now they are in full bloom. Wide, open stars of deep red. Around me, men are either... Continue Reading →

A Slow March (Part 1)

His footsteps swish-swish over the concrete in an odd rhythm. A broken hip that never fully healed. He can barely lift his feet, yet we keep the shackles on his ankles. We have to. Those are the rules. We can’t allow any chance of escape. Or any morsel of dignity. His lame shuffle slows us.... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 103)

As Victor stared in wonder at the grey-haired gentlemen before him (who had appeared to him the previous night as a child), a smile stretched out across his face. He leaned back in his chair. "What the... I mean... look at you. What happened?" Gary shrugged. "I just thought I'd make myself older." "Wait. You... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 102)

The empty chair slid back a foot from the table and then stopped. Victor chewed and swallowed his mouthful of food, and then set down the half-eaten wedge of toast in his hand. He looked around the room but saw no one. As his eyes turned back across the table, the chair opposite him became... Continue Reading →

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