How the Great Bull Fell (Part 9)

A loud buzz disturbed Hector. He flicked his ears and shook his head. The buzzing quietened but remained. The air was cold. Dozens of tiny feet crawled upon his back. Hector looked up at the stars, then looked around him. He was standing at the bottom of the slope leading up to the farmhouse. He... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 8)

The farmer put his hand on Esmerelda’s neck and shook the feed bucket in front of her nose. She stuck her head in the bucket and followed him. Hector shifted his hooves and grunted. Mr McGinley looked up and noticed the great bull there near the barn; he led Esmerelda quickly through the gate. Hector... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 7)

Two days later, the truck arrived. Hector was at the far end of the paddock, working his way through a tasty clover patch, when his ears twitched at a faint rumble. He looked up at the cloudless sky. The rumble sounded again, and this time he seemed to feel it. Swallowing his half-chewed mouthful, he... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 6)

Life was as pleasant and peaceful as could be in the cow paddock over the next few months. Harsh summer mellowed into sweet autumn, the grass grew thick and green, while the hills west of the farm transformed into glorious shades of leafy red and gold. The calves grew taller and fatter, and wandered around... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 4)

It was a week before Esmerelda spoke to Hector again. For Hector, it was a week of torment. Not only did his young follower desert him, but the voices in his head harassed him like never before. Every night, as the great bull finally drifted off to sleep, the humming beat of little wings descended,... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 3)

“Are you all right, Hector?” asked a kind young voice. It belonged to Esmerelda, one of the calves. She came up the slope toward him. “Did you hurt yourself?” “No,” he grunted. He glared around at the other cows; they went back to eating grass. “You broke the fence,” said Esmerelda. She stood beside Hector... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 2)

The next morning, the chief rooster’s crow announced the dawn. Hector, from his stall in the corner, pried one eye open and peered around. The faintest light crept into the barn. The cows began to move about; some of the calves had to be nudged awake. Tiny, rapid wingbeats hummed before Hector’s nose as a... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 1)

After a long, sweltering afternoon, dusk made its welcome descent upon Butterberry Farm. Stretching shadows blended with the dimming light. The unrelenting summer wind, having scorched the paddocks with furnace heat all day, now sailed off to wherever the wind goes. In the chicken yard, mother hens gathered their chicks under the watchful eye of... Continue Reading →

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