The Pearl River Excursion (Part 2)

Harry returned to his place at the table and cleared a space. Ewan set the folder down and opened it. Harry leaned down a little as he stood squinting at the contents of the folder. He felt his shirt pocket, his pants pockets; he picked up his jacket from the floor and checked its pockets.... Continue Reading →

The Pearl River Excursion (Part 1)

“If you look here,” said Carol, pointing with her pen to one of the graphs on the screen on the wall, “you can see the increase in online sales in the last three years. And then here. Based on market trends, this is our projection going forward. That’s second quarter... third, and so on. We... Continue Reading →

Blue Lightning (The Final Part)

Blue Lightning appeared lost. Sheperd picked up a chair from the floor, brushed it off and set it next to the hero. “Here,” said Sheperd. “Sit down, take a minute.”  Blue Lightning stared at the floor.  “Blue Lightning?”  “Hmm? Oh, yeah, sure.” He sat down.  A silent minute passed, and then Blue Lightning sniffed. He... Continue Reading →

Blue Lightning (Part 3)

Blue Lightning looked about the room. He crossed his arms and grunted to himself.  “You know, you must have saved this city a dozen times,” said Sheperd. “You’ve put more criminals behind bars than the entire police force. These past fifteen years we would have been lost without you. We’re all grateful. I sure know... Continue Reading →

Blue Lightning (Part 2)

Alone with the city’s superhero, Sheperd surveyed the half-demolished room. “You know,” he said, “this reminds me of the midtown diamond heist back in twenty-ten. You remember that one?”  Blue Lightning stood with his hands on his hips, his cape rippling in the cold draught spilling in through the shattered entrance. “Midtown… Ah yes, the... Continue Reading →

Blue Lightning (Part 1)

Red and blue lights pulsed on the corner of Thirty-eighth and Main, fracturing the clear black night. Police tape fenced a wide perimeter around the jewellery store. Police chief Arnold Sheperd heaved himself out of his unmarked sedan with a grunt and adjusted his belt under his belly. Four police cars, two ambulances, a fire... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 9)

A loud buzz disturbed Hector. He flicked his ears and shook his head. The buzzing quietened but remained. The air was cold. Dozens of tiny feet crawled upon his back. Hector looked up at the stars, then looked around him. He was standing at the bottom of the slope leading up to the farmhouse. He... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 8)

The farmer put his hand on Esmerelda’s neck and shook the feed bucket in front of her nose. She stuck her head in the bucket and followed him. Hector shifted his hooves and grunted. Mr McGinley looked up and noticed the great bull there near the barn; he led Esmerelda quickly through the gate. Hector... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 7)

Two days later, the truck arrived. Hector was at the far end of the paddock, working his way through a tasty clover patch, when his ears twitched at a faint rumble. He looked up at the cloudless sky. The rumble sounded again, and this time he seemed to feel it. Swallowing his half-chewed mouthful, he... Continue Reading →

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