The Curse of Gary (Part 42)

Minutes dragged by and Victor's head nodded gradually forward. He rubbed his eyes and slapped his cheek. "Come on. Can't sit here all night." The rat continued watching him. "Gross. Freaking rats. Disgusting." He picked up a pencil from the desk and threw it under the bed. From the shadows a whiskered nose emerged; Victor... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 41)

In the corner by the window, Victor checked the oddly stained floor. "I guess this is the spot." He put the ball of his foot down and leaned his weight onto it. A section of timber broke off beneath him and he fell on his backside as his foot dropped through the gap. "Damn it!"... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 40)

He blinked hard and shook his head. In a rush he plonked himself on the stool and sifted through the sketchbooks on the desk. Finding the book with the final entries of the mansion's previous victims, Victor turned to the first blank page. He moved the candle close. From the pastel pencils on the desk... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 39)

For fifteen minutes he remained there, staring at the ceiling. Finally, he sat up; he rubbed his shoulder where he had run into the door. With no expression besides the odd yawn, he shifted the old bed frame back into its corner. The bed springs squealed as the mattress thumped on top of them. New... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 38)

For a moment Victor was stuck—crouched against the wall, breathing heavily, hands trembling—his eyes on the painting. The sixth deep clang of the bell shook him free. He exhaled with a laugh and nodded, looking at the officer in the painting. "I've got your number now," he said. He crept behind the chair nearest him... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 37)

After a long hesitation, Victor's elbows lowered and he relaxed his hold on the python. He held its face before his own. "Hmm. Maybe later," he said. The snake flicked it tongue in and out. Victor put the snake back in the sink with the other, and then took off his socks. He stretched one... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 36)

He picked up a nearby can and threw it at the wall. It clunked, ricocheted and landed on the floor; one of its corners was bent. Victor smiled. He gathered up eight cans in his arm, stood up and pelted the wall with them. Each can bounced off, half-crushed. "Ha!" he said. "Stupid Spam. And... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 35)

Three electric lights hung from the ceiling, concealed beneath oversized dome shades. The room was certainly cursed, but the hum of the bulky white machine in the corner was like a siren's song to Victor's stomach. He crossed the cold, hard floor, yanked open the hefty fridge door and looked inside. He shut the door... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 34)

He sat up and fixed his eyes on the sphere of light as it began revolving at tremendous speed, flinging hundreds of bright, colourful sparks around the room. As each spark landed, it melted then popped, giving off a short, smooth, high-pitched sound, so that the air was soon filled with what resembled a dozen... Continue Reading →

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