The Pig’s Final Swim (The Final Part)

    The rain stung Henry’s eyes, and his left ham burned with pain, but he kicked through the floodwater, with the kittens clinging to his back. “This way,” called one of the kittens, nipping Henry’s right ear. Henry turned a little to the right. “Yes, that’s it,” said the kitten. “I see the tree. We... Continue Reading →

The Pig’s Final Swim (Part 8)

    The little pig and the three kittens floated along. Henry swam across stream and lined himself up so the current would guide him to the willow tree and the big round hill. With shelter distant but in sight, he relaxed to a gentle paddle with his front trotters, letting his hind legs drag in... Continue Reading →

The Pig’s Final Swim (Part 7)

    The farm had never seen such a deluge. The little pig kicked and kicked, despite it seeming at first like he was getting nowhere. Lightning flashed just north of the farm, and a second later thunder resounded through the sky. Beneath the water, Henry’s front trotters worked as fast as a boxer’s fists, back... Continue Reading →

The Pig’s Final Swim (Part 6)

    As he approached the avocado trees, Henry looked up and saw two more frightened kittens huddled together and shivering on a low branch of the smallest tree. The base of its trunk had split and grown in two directions, creating a fork through which the rushing floodwater now swirled to make a whirlpool. As... Continue Reading →

The Pig’s Final Swim (Part 5)

 Henry’s vision was a little blurry, and it took a minute to refocus. He looked out upon the rising, rushing water, and saw something like a big black frog floating his way, a few feet out from where he stood. As it neared, Henry realised it was not a frog. He leapt into the water,... Continue Reading →

The Pig’s Final Swim (Part 4)

    Henry went through the tomato patch, through the colonnade of leafy green stems bound to wooden stakes. The plants bore fat round tomatoes, red and ripe, and the temptation to stop and eat almost overcame the little pig. He put his snout down and pressed on. At the bottom of the short slope near... Continue Reading →

The Pig’s Final Swim (Part 3)

    Down the long dirt path the little pig sped, almost to the front gate, then he veered left up through the fruit trees and around toward the dam. The urgent beating in his chest turned to one of exhilaration as the wind rushed against his face, the ground raced beneath his frantic little legs,... Continue Reading →

The Pig’s Final Swim (Part 2)

    Tink… tink, tink… The first raindrops tapped the henhouse roof, drawing Henry’s attention from the peach tree. His eyes widened. Up the hill he trotted, curious at the swirling grey clouds moving through low through the air. He trotted right past the henhouse and into the chicken yard, where he stopped and gasped. Under... Continue Reading →

The Pig’s Final Swim (Part 1)

    Mr McGinley stood on the front porch of the farmhouse, his new kelpie pup at his side, and watched the mass of black clouds gathering south of Butterberry Farm. A long, dark shadow covered the lower paddock, where the sheep were huddled together by the old gum tree at the southern fence. A cold... Continue Reading →

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