How the Great Bull Fell (Part 2)

The next morning, the chief rooster’s crow announced the dawn. Hector, from his stall in the corner, pried one eye open and peered around. The faintest light crept into the barn. The cows began to move about; some of the calves had to be nudged awake. Tiny, rapid wingbeats hummed before Hector’s nose as a... Continue Reading →

How the Great Bull Fell (Part 1)

After a long, sweltering afternoon, dusk made its welcome descent upon Butterberry Farm. Stretching shadows blended with the dimming light. The unrelenting summer wind, having scorched the paddocks with furnace heat all day, now sailed off to wherever the wind goes. In the chicken yard, mother hens gathered their chicks under the watchful eye of... Continue Reading →

In Search of Lost Marbles: The Short Stories

What chance would a famous rock band have against a pirate attack? Could feng shui alter the course of international politics? Is smearing Nutella on your face racist? From the lively imagination of Miles Venison comes this collection of short stories exploring life's rarest questions. Discover the highs and lows of freelance fruit-picking, attend the... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: The Olympian

Shane “Slingshot” Adams sat on a milk crate outside a kebab shop and stared at the raindrops darting down into the street. Tiny flashes of white and blue and red, reflecting the lights of the cars and the shops. The rain trickled down the back of his neck, soaking the bright yellow collar of his... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Dead Animals and Dirty Laundry

 Elliott Pinchman was used to naysayers. Having family members, friends, legal experts, clergy and even strangers tell you that you are headed for failure seems to be a rite of passage for any self-taught taxidermist. “Oh Elliott, it’s such a gruesome profession.” “Elliott, find a new hobby. Why don’t you take up roller skating or... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Finance and Dentistry

    Danny Belcher had worked at St Blaise Bank’s Fairfield Shopping Centre branch for eight years. He had been a loyal employee, followed the rules, worked hard, and worn a constant smile—even while enduring abuse from frustrated customers. He had denied loans, offered credit card limit increases, requested the immediate payment of overdrawn account fees,... Continue Reading →

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