The Little Grey Rooster (Part 15)

Sonny ran back up the hill. The path seemed longer and steeper than ever. His legs were exhausted and the air pinched his lungs. At the top, just before the yard, he paused to catch his breath and saw nearly every chicken on the farm was gathered outside Winston’s shed. Sonny’s heart was almost beating... Continue Reading →

The Noisy Voice

Fortunate voice to an audience held, Captive by a box of luminous spells, Around the image their evening dwells, An open door on the slopes of hell.   Authority’s voice assumed and accepted, All thought and search have long been neglected, The infallible ones cannot be corrected, Let your reason remain unaffected.   Emotional voice... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Metamorphosis

The problem with most books, I think you’ll agree, is that the main character rarely turns into a giant bug. Why so many authors refuse to transform protagonists into insects is beyond me. I was waiting for it in Crime and Punishment, it would have saved The Great Gatsby, and what a twist it would... Continue Reading →

The Little Grey Rooster (Part 14)

Sonny drifted into a trance. He felt lost, as if he had been caught up in a whirlwind and was being tossed about the sky, not knowing what direction he was facing or if his feet would ever touch the ground again. He seemed to have to fight to stay upright, wrestling until exhaustion. After... Continue Reading →


I had a fish, I called him Rolly, What his real name was, He never told me.   He sat on my lap, While I sang him songs, Then I’d throw him back in the water, Where he belonged.   He was blue and grey, With a yellow stripe, Kind of like Batman— The Adam... Continue Reading →

They Say

They say he is too old now, That he has lost his place, But still when someone meets him, You should see the look on their face.   They say he doesn’t matter, And anyone will do, But sleeping at night is not the same, As resting in what is true.   They say that... Continue Reading →

Blind Fire

The fire of youth, enraged and wild, The first steps out from the shaded child, Into the waiting jaws of men, That dying dreams may live again.   Minds are cradled, knives are drawn, Cutting a path for the blazing dawn, Journeys begun without a choice, Following after their master’s voice.   Shaped and formed,... Continue Reading →


In his smile I see a love, I didn’t have to earn, Never given at a price, But rejoicing in return.   In her laugh I’m lifted up, Above my troubled view, She walks along a path carefree, And I should walk there too.   In his eyes I’m Superman, He thinks I do it... Continue Reading →

Book Review: A Tale of Two Cities

Charles Dickens had an amazing talent for producing bestsellers. Just like Elvis Presley, he churned out hit after hit, wore white jumpsuits and ate too much peanut butter (actually, I’m not certain about the jumpsuits and peanut butter—it’s just a theory of mine). A Tale of Two Cities is one of Dickens’ most famous works.... Continue Reading →

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