The Curse of Gary (Part 52)

Victor walked out from behind the bar, starting to regain his strength. He went over to the pool table. It looked as though a game was in play: balls were strewn about, a cue lay on the table and another leaned upright against a corner pocket. Victor ran his hand over the soft, green surface.... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 51)

He turned the door knob and pushed open the door. A wide room spread before him, its floor, overlaid in sleek, black tiles, glistened like the sea beneath a crescent moon. In the middle of this sea an immense, felt-covered island arose: a nine foot pool table. Victor smiled and stepped into the room. Looking... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 50)

He ducked under the netting, pressed himself against the overturned table sealing the lower half of the doorway, and slithered upward. With difficulty he managed to squeeze himself through the narrow opening and climb over the table, landing with an inelegant splat on the other side. He sat on the floor and pressed his feet... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Don Quixote

Don Quixote has been loved and revered for centuries as a masterpiece of literature. Perhaps the original modern novel, it is epic, imaginative and endearing. But just what makes it so? Is it the charm of the lead characters? Is it the call to adventure? The innovative narrative style? Many books can claim ownership of... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 49)

Back in the bedroom, he sat at the desk and returned to the reading that breakfast had postponed. The blue, green, and purple dots on the page appeared for a few seconds as a random burst of bubbles, bright and enchanting—but meaningless. Then Victor began to discern the words spelled out in green dots, reading:... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 48)

There was a spring in Victor's step as he left the kitchen. In the dining room, he took a steak knife from the table as he passed through, toward the door to the room with the fireplace. He turned the door knob and steadied himself. With a flick of his arm the door flung open—Victor... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 47)

He passed through the dining room, digging his toes into the downy carpet as went. In the kitchen doorway, Victor halted and stared. The room was immaculate. Not a single can of Spam littered the floor, there was not a Brussels sprout in sight. The benches were neat and every cabinet door was closed. He... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 46)

Victor's wrist watch alarm managed only one high pitch beep before he switched it off and leapt out of bed. He flattened and fitted the sheets to the mattress, then flicked the blanket out over the bed, where it wavered like a parachute for a moment before dropping. Victor smoothed it and tucked in the... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 45)

The ball descended slowly, while increasing in size and brightness. Victor cupped his hands and lifted them to receive the radiant sphere, which assumed a light blue glow as it settled in his palms. Victor smiled as the sphere began revolving rapidly in his hands. It felt like a tingling breeze. Suddenly he felt as... Continue Reading →

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