The Curse of Gary (Part 123)

Victor leapt from his seat. “That’s it? We’re done?” The Spectre nodded. “We just need to clean up, put everything back where it was.” The knights rose from their stools and picked up their weapons, conversing excitedly about all the things Victor had taught them. “Sir Victor,” said the ram knight, from across the circle,... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 114)

As he advanced up the vibrant, glassy path, Victor noticed, among the shadows of the columns, the other suits of armour lining the hall. To his left was a tall knight in black armour and silver chain mail, wielding a long scutum shield bearing an eagle emblem, and a seven-foot spear; sliver outstretched wings adorned... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 113)

He jumped back and laughed. "Whoa! That was close." A thin mist of dust settled around the knight's hollow severed hand; Victor crouched and lifted the gauntlet with both hands. "Good grief, that's heavy." As he turned the gauntlet to try it on, a pang shot through his left shoulder and he dropped the armour;... Continue Reading →

The Great Outdoors

Fergus walked by the lake. The morning sun embraced him—not literally, of course. A gentle breeze came and went at its leisure, probably measuring a two or three on the Beaufort scale. For the first time in months he felt truly happy, and neither the songs of magpies in the trees nor the laughter of... Continue Reading →

The Endless Marsh

Within a dark and endless marsh, A thousand knights were damned to march, Knee deep in festering mud, The price for spilling innocent blood.   Once an army, now divided, Each for his own glory minded, Broken ranks now strewn apart, And none can see the original path.   An armour suit each knight must... Continue Reading →

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