And There Was Ninja Moustache (Chapter 7)

A dockside office in Grimsby, England, 1992. “So, you’re the fella Gavin’s been tellin’ me about. Done all that mischief up in Halifax, yeah? How old are you, kid?” “Old enough.” “Hmm.” “I’m looking for work.” “Well, I got plenty of work on. But I don’t give jobs to just anyone. I’m lookin’ for the... Continue Reading →

A Pleasant Haunting

Anatole leaned forward on the couch and coughed a hearty, phlegmy cough. He grunted at the dusty ray of sunlight that had entered uninvited through the divide in his dingy curtains. A mild hangover squeezed his head. His eyes settled on the coffee table, where from amid the mass of horse racing form guides and... Continue Reading →

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