Poem: Eyebrow Hair Sonnet

It's been a while but now you're back, I see. Determination such as rarely found, Displayed in slender strand of ivory, Protruding once again there on my brow. What fiendish pride lurks in your keratin? So proud, you lord it over other hairs, Your fall from grace awaiting there within, I cannot take my daughter's... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Exquisite Butterfly

Butterfly, butterfly, Pleasing to the soul, As much as to the eye.   The butterfly descends in swirls, Like a wounded paratrooper in the sky, Half-conscious with a shattered collarbone, Life slowly evaporating through the bullet wound, Without the strength to control his chute.   The butterfly alights, bending a small leaf, ┬áLike a benign... Continue Reading →

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