And There Was Ninja Moustache (Chapter 21)

    Downstairs in the kitchen, I searched the cupboards for something to eat. I found nothing. I know LaShawn was barbecuing, but what about potato salad, chips, cocktail onions, savoury biscuits, cupcakes? Maybe Budgie was going to shop for the party tomorrow morning. Where was Budgie anyway? He didn’t even have a jar of Vegemite.... Continue Reading →

Poem: Marco’s Dandruff

Marco Palazzo had a rare disease, That turned his dandruff to Parmesan cheese. He worked at a restaurant five nights a week, As a valet attendant but sometimes he'd sneak, In the back of the kitchen where food was prepared, He'd scratch at his scalp and ruffle his hair, And get his dandruff all loose... Continue Reading →

The Heist (Part 3)

We rented a small flat in the city. It was close enough to the state art gallery that I could go there daily to study the kind of security measures we would be up against for the heist, and it allowed Rory a place to work without distraction or intrusion. At the end of our... Continue Reading →

Ode to a Pastrami Sandwich

Inventive twist on old roast beef, I set you now between my teeth. Sliced thick and pepper crusted, Wholemeal bread with a little mustard. And why not add a slice of cheese? Don’t mind if I do, make it Swiss please. They know their cheese, those Swiss folk, They make it so smooth and holey... Continue Reading →

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