Why the Donkey Never Runs (Part 9)

"Please," said the Clydesdale, her eyes to the ground. "Samson is my friend. Please, just let him be. Fergus, go back to the henhouse. Winston, please forgive the cattle dog's ignorance." "Forgive me?" said Fergus. "I won't have a chicken lord it over me!" The young hen pecked her head forward at Fergus. She clucked... Continue Reading →

Why the Donkey Never Runs (Part 8)

A blanket covered the donkey from his shoulders to his tail, and in front of him lay a small pile of straw and two carrots, untouched. Henry approached slowly. "Samson? Did you stay here all night? I missed you at the hill this morning." After waiting a silent minute, the piglet wandered around. He inspected... Continue Reading →

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