Dunk Force Returns (Part 12)

 Ray nodded. “He had a condition… It was why his body had grown so tall so fast. He was such a huge presence on the court, tough to guard, and defensively… when he was on his game, no one got past him.”  “Hold on,” said Carl, turning in his seat to face Ray. He flipped... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 11)

    Late that afternoon, having observed the new Dunk Force squad’s three-hour training session (the last hour and a half of which consisted of watching an educational film entitled Racial Inclusivity and Healing in a Multicultural Society—Part 6: The Sub-Humanness of White People), Ray and Carl were driven to a nearby airfield. As Ray stepped... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 7)

    The building entrance was dusty and rusty compared to the last time Ray set foot through its bullet-proof glass sliding doors. The red, white and blue paint in the foyer had dulled over the years, and cobwebs now draped the long, bare reception counter. All the furniture was gone, along with the framed photographs... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 3)

 The bartender walked over and reached for the bourbon bottle, but Ray declined with a wave of his hand.  “I’ll take a top-up,” said Larry. The bartender poured. “I didn’t come here for advice on the Russians,” he said to Ray. “I came here because we found another option.” Ray looked at him. Larry gave... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 2)

A hand rested upon Ray’s shoulder, and a friendly voice said to the bartender, “Can I get another drink for my friend here? And I’ll have the same.” Ray turned and looked at the man beside him. “Hello Ray,” said the man, taking the stool next to him.  Ray nodded with an unconvincing smile. “Larry.”... Continue Reading →

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