The Curse of Gary (Part 5)

It was a long morning. Victor sweltered beneath the unforgiving country sun as he trekked from house to house failing to sell metronomes. Doors slammed in his face, abuse rang in his ears, and guard dogs chased him off properties. An elderly woman invited him into her home, but no business was conducted: she had... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: On the Farm

 Every December when I was young, my family would pack two suitcases into the old station wagon and make the four-hour drive west to spend Christmas with my grandparents. Grandad and Nana lived on a farm. It was small compared to the neighbouring properties, but still big enough for us kids to have some great... Continue Reading →

The Hitchhiker

In the narrow shade of a lone, long-dead tree, a hitchhiker sat on his oversized suitcase by the side of a country road. A truck approached and he stuck out his thumb, only to retract it moments later as the truck sped by. “What a way to spend your thirtieth birthday,” the hitchhiker grumbled to... Continue Reading →

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