Dunk Force Returns (Part 8)

    Carl crossed the court, smiled at Larry then turned to Ray. “Is this him?” he asked Larry.  “This is Ray Elwin,” said Larry. “Ray, this is Carl Derrick. He’s overseeing team preparations.”  Ray and Carl shook hands.  “Great to meet you, Ray,” said Carl. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”  “This is the new... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 7)

    The building entrance was dusty and rusty compared to the last time Ray set foot through its bullet-proof glass sliding doors. The red, white and blue paint in the foyer had dulled over the years, and cobwebs now draped the long, bare reception counter. All the furniture was gone, along with the framed photographs... Continue Reading →

Poem: Sacrifice

Taxes go up, it's only fair, We've all got to chip in and pay our share, But, you can see, I've a lot on my plate, So my taxes will stay at a lower rate.   We hired too many of one colour of people, And since our priority is making things equal, You must... Continue Reading →

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