Short Fiction: The Olympian

Shane “Slingshot” Adams sat on a milk crate outside a kebab shop and stared at the raindrops darting down into the street. Tiny flashes of white and blue and red, reflecting the lights of the cars and the shops. The rain trickled down the back of his neck, soaking the bright yellow collar of his... Continue Reading →

Painting: Tropical Sunset

Part 1: Finding a Muse Searching for inspiration and examples of what ludicrously expensive art looks like, I came across Claude Monet’s San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk (not the real thing, but a small picture of it on my computer screen). I was mesmerised. It wasn’t just how Mr Monet had upped the value of... Continue Reading →

Poem: Regret

Young and untouchable with a lifetime to waste, Days lost for nothing, but lived at full pace, But you cannot go back and the seeds you have sown, Despite all your tears, unavoidably grow, So the old man must bear all the younger’s mistakes, And the wounds earned in youth scar the older man’s face.... Continue Reading →

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