Drexel and the Ball (Part 3)

Drexel put down his bag of chips. The silence waited. He reached for the remote control and pointed it at the television. “Why did you pay three dollars for me?” said the basketball, from its position at the end of the couch. Drexel lowered the remote. He looked at the basketball. “What?” After a short... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 65)

The man in black sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. I'm just supposed to... supposed to fight." He began pacing back and forth. "Oh, this is bad. I saw what you did to the others. You're really good. I don't wanna get beaten up like that. I just want to die, you know?... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 64)

Fighter after fighter, line after line from the shadows, the ludicrous bout continued. After twenty-five  minutes and sixty-three vanquished opponents, Victor grew tired. A swift front kick to the belly of his latest victim, followed by the obligatory smoke cloud vanishing act, saw yet another psychedelic row of fighters appear. "Oh, come on!" complained Victor,... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 63)

The man in blue screamed out—"Hee-yaaah!"—and charged. He crossed the floor with short, rapid steps, his right arm drawn back ready to strike; Victor planted his back foot and let him come. As the man in blue breached striking distance, he unleashed his fist like a slingshot, in a wide-arcing punch at Victor's jaw. Victor... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 62)

In the hall, three pythons lay dead, and another was stretched out alongside the wall, trying to digest the billiard ball it had swallowed. Down the end of the hall, a five ball rested in the corner, vomited by the final snake, which was nowhere to be seen. Victor crouched by the bathroom door and... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Siege of Devil’s Pass

Way down south a long time ago, When folks were content and life moved slow, Was a place where a cactus wouldn't dare grow, And they called it Devil's Pass.   Few people knew and even less cared, That out on that land where the ground was bare, A iron-willed family had built a house... Continue Reading →

Drum and the Pirates (Part 7)

Drum made a quick detour to the men's room. If video games had taught him anything, it was that enemies become more difficult to defeat the further you progress. Now just three foes stood between him and the final boss, Randy Van Funk, and he didn't want to face them with the added pressure of... Continue Reading →

Drum and the Pirates (Part 6)

Drum continued along the deck. He glanced around a corner and saw two pirates leaning against a shipping container, smoking a joint. They were Fluorescent Android's percussionist, Ziggy Krisp, and keytarist, Ramesh Cohen. Drum climbed up onto the container and moved with ninja stealth out above them. He took a small woodpecker from his sock,... Continue Reading →

Drum and the Pirates (Part 5)

Defence preparations continued on the bridge as Andy gave Cam, Daz and Miles a crash course in hand-to-hand combat. Though he had received no formal training, Andy had seen the movie Ong Bak twice, and was therefore deemed most qualified to act as Sensei. The four of them worked up a sweat during their precision... Continue Reading →

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