The Curse of Gary (Part 136)

“You don’t have to go in that last room,” said Gary. He smiled. “You could stay here. With two of us it wouldn’t be so bad. We could play football every day.” Victor nodded and returned a half-hearted smile. His brow knitted as he looked at the flower in Gary’s hand. “That’s a daisy, isn’t... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 135)

Victor watched the ball soar up against the blue-sky backdrop and stepped to his right, positioning himself to catch it. As the ball spiralled toward him, it passed in front of the sun; Victor squinted and shielded his eyes with his hand but lost sight of it. He ducked his head and moved aside; the... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 134)

The treetop rustled as a swift breeze rushed through it; a moment later a few dark green leaves spiralled down through the branches to the ground. Victor stared ahead at the mansion’s brick wall, and the lush vine that had scaled it right to the roof. A gentle, gritty scrape moved behind him: the despondent... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 133)

The summer sun shone brightly above from between two long, white clouds, while a cool breeze offset its heat. In the south, an ominous gathering of black storm clouds crept into view over the courtyard’s high stone fence. A flash of lightning lit a section of the clouds for a split-second. Victor made a lap... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 98)

Gary hesitated. "Whenever I got something stuck in my eye," said Victor, "my mum would help me wash it out. I bet your mum was good at that sort of thing." Gary nodded. He slowly took his hands from his face, and looked at Victor. Victor leaned in and peered at his eyes. "Hmm, yeah.... Continue Reading →

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