The Curse of Gary (Part 97)

A clang and a shout shook Victor from sleep. He blinked then opened his eyes wide, taking a split second to realise where he was; footsteps ran down the hall outside. The silver bowl wobbled and came to a rattling halt, upside down in the open doorway, where light from the hall shone on the... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 77)

As he toppled to the carpet he looked to the door; it clicked shut, and the sound of footsteps on timber raced up along the other side of the wall. Victor stumbled over himself in a rush to get to his feet, then ran to the door and threw it open. The vampire saw him... Continue Reading →

Book Review: A Christmas Carol

Christmas has inspired innumerable deeds of creativity and charity. Some have composed songs to honour the Son of God, some have given gifts to the poor, and others have held feasts of celebration. Then there‚Äôs Charles Dickens. When he contemplated the birth of Jesus Christ, the incarnation of Deity, and the arrival of hope for... Continue Reading →

A Pleasant Haunting

Anatole leaned forward on the couch and coughed a hearty, phlegmy cough. He grunted at the dusty ray of sunlight that had entered uninvited through the divide in his dingy curtains. A mild hangover squeezed his head. His eyes settled on the coffee table, where from amid the mass of horse racing form guides and... Continue Reading →

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