Poem: Humanity

Underneath our skin aren't we all the same? Flesh and blood, a beating heart, two kidneys and a brain, Ligaments and tendons, a larynx and some glands, All of us are human, the work of the same hand.   Don't we all have livers? And intestines large and small? Why, the blessing of a bladder... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Les Misérables

Victor Hugo gives us fair warning with Les Misérables, letting us know right there in the title this is a sad tale. At times I had difficulty reading it; I had to keep a box of tissues beside me. But it was overwhelmingly worth it. Jean Valjean is freed after serving nineteen years as a... Continue Reading →

Same Old

A memory lost, for a second recalled, As I gazed at the man in the glass on the wall, I saw in that moment the face of a boy, His eyes full of wonder, his smile full of joy.   The glimpse was snatched, at once replaced, With disappointment at my haggard face, Drawn with... Continue Reading →

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