Stan Berserkervich Rides Again (Part 17)

After a twenty-minute drive out of the city, followed by another ten bumpy minutes along a dirt track through bushland, Gavin and Stan arrived at Gavin’s Stealth Helicopter Solutions. The company headquarters was just an old tow truck parked next to a creek. On the back of the truck was a dilapidated Squirrel helicopter, spraypainted... Continue Reading →

Stan Berserkervich Rides Again (Part 11)

The stone stairs continued around and around, down below ground, growing narrower and narrower, until the sleeves of Stan’s robe dragged against the wall with each step. Finally, the two men reached the last stair and came out into a vast black space. Ahead of them, a single candlestick burned brightly upon a round stone... Continue Reading →

Stan Berserkervich Rides Again (Part 10)

Security officers escorted the media from the property, and then informed the prime minister he was no longer on camera. Gary stood up and brushed himself off. “Yes, that went quite well, I think.” “The main thing is that people are safe from Covid,” said Stan. Gary chuckled. “Yeah, okay.” The two leaders shook hands... Continue Reading →

Stan Berserkervich Rides Again (Part 8)

The little man with the big moustache led Stan around the front of the house to where the prime minister, Gary Shemp, was addressing the gathering of reporters. “In conclusion,” said Gary, “my government is committed to a swift and decisive response, but certainly a measured one. We will confront these issues head-on, while also... Continue Reading →

Stan Berserkervich Rides Again (Part 4)

“Now,” said the woman on stage, as the audience quietened in anticipation, “we have twelve people up here with us, ready to get their vaccine booster and become, once again, fully vaccinated. Thanks to you, Mr Premier, these people will be protected from Covid-19. They will be able to see their children grow up to... Continue Reading →

Stan Berserkervich Rides Again (Part 3)

As the press briefing’s opening song concluded and the audience members took their seats, a woman wearing a lab coat over her dress and a stethoscope around her neck marched onstage and stood at the podium. The lights dimmed. Sweet violins sounded over the loudspeakers, and the woman dressed as a doctor sang Louis Armstrong’s... Continue Reading →

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