Drum and the Pirates (Part 3)

Drum was down in the engine room, where the machinery's constant roar drowned out all sound from above deck. As he searched back and forth for the musical equipment, he felt an odd familiarity. In the corner of the room a steel staircase ascended to a small storage room. A large sign adorned the room's... Continue Reading →

Drum and the Pirates (Part 2)

The band mates looked at each other in fear. "I don't think you'll be going to the after-party after all," said Burridge solemnly. He called in a mayday and then pressed some more buttons on the desk. "There's a plan for this kind of situation, right?" asked Daz. Burridge stopped. He turned and looked at... Continue Reading →

Drum and the Pirates (Part 1)

The 2020 Grammy Awards were all about Neon Cyborg. The band took out nineteen awards, including the coveted "Album of the Year". As per entertainment industry standards, the awards show was followed by an extravagant after-party. Normally this would require attendees to take a short limo ride from the awards venue to an exclusive nightclub,... Continue Reading →

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