Short Fiction: Coming of Age

It was a bright, frosty morning. The sun decorated the hills with streaming golden beams, while birds sang their chorus of chirps and whistles. In the emerald glen a pair of furry brown antennae popped up from the grass, followed by a twitching nose. A look left, then right, and the hare darted off for... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Hedgehog of Truth

On a still and chilly afternoon, Through the shady columns of a secret grove, Pressing footprints in softest grass, A man walked quietly and alone.   He passed beneath a towering willow, That had stood there for a hundred years, The leaves upon its mighty beams, Hung like emerald chandeliers.   And there beside the... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Exquisite Butterfly

Butterfly, butterfly, Pleasing to the soul, As much as to the eye.   The butterfly descends in swirls, Like a wounded paratrooper in the sky, Half-conscious with a shattered collarbone, Life slowly evaporating through the bullet wound, Without the strength to control his chute.   The butterfly alights, bending a small leaf, ┬áLike a benign... Continue Reading →

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