What Wakes the Rooster (Part 17)

The pile of rags was on the shelf between Sonny and the camera. He quickly pushed the pile forward so that it collapsed over, covering the camera, and then he flapped down from the shelf. He landed beside Rosie just as Ivan came in, and noticed a few of the chickens had also gathered just... Continue Reading →

What Wakes the Rooster (Part 15)

On the fourth night after Winston’s death, a crash shattered the midnight silence. It came from the shed. The next morning, the chickens waited in the henhouse with anxious imaginations while Ivan and a few roosters went over to the shed to investigate. Upon returning, Ivan declared the noise to have been nothing but an... Continue Reading →

What Wakes the Rooster (Part 4)

The two sat in silence for a while before the old rooster continued. “You have seen Ivan watching me.” “Yes,” said Sonny. “I don’t like it. I’m sure he’s up to something.” A thought dawned upon him. “Do you think he will… challenge you?” (When an old chief rooster died, the young roosters would battle... Continue Reading →

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