The Curse of Gary (Part 119)

There was a creak to Victor's left; he turned and saw the knight whose armour bore the ram emblem had raised its hand. Victor jumped up from his seat, but a wave of the lion knight's hand told him everything was fine and he should remain seated. The ram knight was an intimidating figure, with... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 118)

"Right," said the Spectre. He looked side to side again; Victor followed his gaze and saw nothing but the columns and the suits of armour. The Spectre leaned forward until he almost slid off the throne, bending his head down toward Victor. "My first question," said the Spectre, "is about..." "Yes?" "Well, it has to... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 117)

The knight looked down at Victor, grunted, and then stood to attention, holding its sword point-down in front of itself, just as it did when Victor first encountered it. Victor, on his knees with his hand raised in front of himself in a plea for mercy, slumped his shoulders and exhaled in relief. The Spectre... Continue Reading →

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