What Wakes the Rooster (Part 22)

A flash of bright steel, the heavy clunk of wood; Rosie‚Äôs head rolled onto the stump. Her decapitated body flapped and flipped off the stump as Mr McGinley laid the axe on the ground and stood up. Sonny jumped back as he watched headless Rosie sprint across the hill, blood spurting from her open neck.... Continue Reading →

What Wakes the Rooster (Part 11)

Sonny spent the day wandering near the fruit trees, his head down and his face serious in thought. In the afternoon, as he rested in some shade, a ripple through the long grass weaved toward him, and a dark, whiskered little face popped up. Sonny tilted his head and stared at the rat twitching its... Continue Reading →

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