The Curse of Gary (Part 107)

On his hands and knees, Victor reached out and felt along the break in the skirting board where the purple light shone. The cold air wafted through a narrow gap and brushed his fingers. He ran his hand up the wall above the light and soon found a small, rickety door knob; he turned it,... Continue Reading →

Clinton and the Illuminati (Part 2)

He stepped into the middle of the gathering and approached the boar. By the bubbling cauldron a long, twisted knife lay on the ground; Clint picked it up by its bone handle. Murmurs were again silenced by the hand of the red-robed figure. Clint stood next to the boar, which sat still and calm, staring... Continue Reading →

Clinton and the Illuminati (Part 1)

Smooth, white sand baked beneath the tropical sun, while transparent blue waves lapped the shore. Up the hill, from the lush, green border of vegetation, coconut palms leaned out over the beach, partaking in the island's laid back lifestyle. From between two palm trees, a man waddled through the shade and down to the water's... Continue Reading →

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