The Curse of Gary (Part 121)

Victor moved on to the next knight in the circle, the dragon knight. “My name is Sir Verdun,” said the knight. “I heard that when you go through puberty... you get a, um... you get a permanent... you know.” He made a kind of flexing gesture with his arm. “A permanent erection?” asked Victor. A... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 118)

"Right," said the Spectre. He looked side to side again; Victor followed his gaze and saw nothing but the columns and the suits of armour. The Spectre leaned forward until he almost slid off the throne, bending his head down toward Victor. "My first question," said the Spectre, "is about..." "Yes?" "Well, it has to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Sun Also Rises

In the state art gallery I saw a painting that consisted of three huge orange swirls across a giant white canvas. It would have taken all of thirty seconds to paint. I imagine art critics raved about the piece’s “importance”, and discussed the great meaning it conveyed. Meanwhile, the humble art gallery patron was left... Continue Reading →

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