The Curse of Gary (Part 85)

Margaret turned to face Victor, and looked him up and down with a sneer. She took a small, worn notepad from her cardigan pocket and opened it. She cleared her throat. "This test," she said, "is comprised of three questions, which—" she glanced up at him "—if you were paying attention in Sunday school, you... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 84)

"Sinner!" the preacher thundered. Victor shifted in his seat and looked around. All faces had turned to look at him. "When will ye repent?" hounded the preacher. He shook his finger. "Lustful as the Sodomites, murderous as Cain, conniving as Jezebel—wilt thou not tremble before the wrath of Almighty God? How long wilt thou offend... Continue Reading →

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