The Curse of Gary (Part 142)

With a flick of its tail the dragon shattered the scimitar; shards of glinting steel shot across the room and speared into the walls and floorboards. Victor jumped down off the piano stool and backed toward the door. The dragon snapped its teeth around the broken tip of the sword still lodged in the ceiling... Continue Reading →

Holly’s Story (The Final Part)

Miss Harvey was back to her bubbly self—and then some. During the morning lessons, her rhymes were catchy, her activities were extra-fun, and her jokes had never been cornier. She even made the multiplication test enjoyable. At morning tea time she asked Holly to stay back. Holly took a deep breath and waited at her... Continue Reading →

Holly’s Story (Part 5)

Holly stared in wonder at the weeping adult in front of her. She looked about the room and the windows to see if anyone else was seeing what she was seeing. There was no one. Squeals and laughter called from the playground. A distant tonk of plastic bat on tennis ball had Holly thinking for... Continue Reading →

Holly’s Story (Part 4)

Miss Harvey picked up the notebook. "You have a gift for writing," she said, though she seemed unimpressed. "Your style is very... uh..." Her voice trailed off. She set the book down, raised her head and drew a deep breath. She turned to face Holly, her lips screwed up to one side. She stared at... Continue Reading →

Holly’s Story (Part 3)

The next morning's lessons were unusually drab: a spelling test, an hour calculating the area of triangles, and then a science lesson that raised hopes by mentioning sharks and turtles before revealing itself to be a sermon on reducing plastic pollution in oceans. Miss Harvey, who usually coloured her lessons with rhymes, artistic activities and... Continue Reading →

Holly’s Story (Part 2)

Holly was good at cricket. Playing cricket on the oval at lunchtime was the closest she had come to making friends so far at her new school. When she played, some of the older boys talked with her and joked with her—no one else ever did. But today she didn't play. She just sat on... Continue Reading →

Holly’s Story (Part 1)

Holly set down her pencil and shook her hand to loosen the cramp. She looked down at the open notebook before her, its every faint-ruled blue line crammed left to right with large cursive handwriting—neat enough to be legible, but messy enough to keep up with the flow of inspiration. Most of her classmates were... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 15)

"What?" laughed Victor. The classroom door swung shut, slamming like a gunshot. Darkness descended and the room grew unbearably hot. Victor watched in horror as the students' faces transformed into those of ventriloquist dummies, and then saw the teacher tear the skin from his face to reveal reptilian scales beneath. The sound of shrieking violins... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 14)

Victor entered the room and looked around, puzzled, as the students continued their work. There was something unusual about this classroom (besides it being inside a mansion). Soon it dawned on him. The lack of modern technology, the outdated decor, the students' haircuts—the room was displaced in time. He estimated, judging by the style, the... Continue Reading →

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