The Curse of Gary (Part 88)

The book Victor took with him was called Horrid Mr Hobble. It was a children's novel about a mean school librarian who makes life miserable for students. The protagonist, Billy Finch, was a fourth grade student with a penchant for elaborate pranks. Victor's bowels were in such a state of discomfort he read a third... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 80)

Victor's shoes clapped across the cement area bordering the toilet block, and he raced inside the men's room—across the wet, sandy tiles, past the row of aluminium basins, and into an empty stall. He closed the door and slid the simple bolt lock. He waited. A howl echoed in the darkness outside. The tin roof... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 26)

He returned and stood in front of the toilet and, with renewed peace of mind, relieved himself. The rattle returned and a metallic clank came from the toilet bowl. Victor peered down and saw, creeping up out of the water, a wasp the size of a salt shaker. He hurriedly sheathed his short sword and... Continue Reading →

Drum and the Pirates (Part 7)

Drum made a quick detour to the men's room. If video games had taught him anything, it was that enemies become more difficult to defeat the further you progress. Now just three foes stood between him and the final boss, Randy Van Funk, and he didn't want to face them with the added pressure of... Continue Reading →

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